STARSTUFF: Festival of the Cosmos

Posted 15th June 2018

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Byron Bay’s festival of the cosmos: STARSTUFF

Join Australia’s leading scientists and experts in space, astrophysics and astrophotography on the 7th and 8th of July 2018 for a night to remember. Expand your knowledge on Space with a two day/night discussion on Australia’s new space agency, space photography, and a movie screening.

Speakers Include : Fraser Cain (CAN / Science Publisher), Dr Alan Duffy (AU, Computational Astrophysicist), Amy Shira Teitel (USA – Space Historian), Geoff Notkin (USA / Meteorite Expert), Terry Lovejoy (AU Comet Discoverer), Dr David Malin (AU AAO Astronomer), John Sarkissian OAM(AU CSIRO Scientist), James Gilmour (AU Private Space Agency), Greg Quicke (AU Observatory, aka Space Gandalf), Cathal O’Connell (AU Nanotech / Science Writer), Dylan O’Donnell (AU / Byron Bay Astronomer)

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