Support Vets To Cambodia 2017 & You Could Win a Night at Victoria’s Byron Bay

Posted 21st December 2016

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Victoria’s Byron Bay is helping to sponsor and support this worthwhile project, please help us to help the animals.
In January 2017, a team of vets (including Victoria’s daughter) and vet nurses are travelling on a self-funded trip to Cambodia for 3 weeks. There will be 5 vets and 4 nurses in total, including staff from Lismore Central Veterinary Hospital: Dr Abbie, Dr Toni, and nurses Jess and Kay. Three previous  LCVH employees will also be joining them, Dr Jemma and nurses Amy and Emily.

The objective of the trip is to provide animal health care, neutering and rabies vaccination services to street dogs and cats. They will also offer free vet services to underprivileged communities and provide education to children on disease prevention, safety and hygiene, and animal welfare.

They will be partnering informally with organisations already working in Cambodia such as PPaws in Phnom Phen, Pagoda Cats on Siem Reap, and The Cambodian Children’s Trust in Battembang.

Globally there is increasing recognition that human health, animal health and ecosystem health are inextricably linked (One Health Initiative, 2015). By helping our furry friends, we help the beautiful people of Cambodia too.

The team would greatly appreciate any donations toward the purchase of veterinary supplies and educational materials. They are aiming to perform about 200 surgical procedures during the visit, and will thus need a lot of supplies!

Please note that they will be funding their own air fares and accommodation. All donations will go directly to the projects. Some examples of where your donation would go:
$5 would provide colouring pencils and educational resources for a child
$25 would provide a dog or a cat with 3 months of parasite control (fleas, ticks, mites and worms)
$50 would pay for a neuter operation to help reduce street dog and cat overbreeding

If you would like to support this valuable work, please make a donation!

Raffle tickets can be purchased from various locations including Lismore Central Veterinary Hospital and Victoria’s Byron Bay.
Donations can also be made directly  at
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